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Imprelis Update - OISC Statement and Purdue Extension Statement

26 Jul 2011 8:00 AM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)


 Statement from the OISC

Statement from OISC

A Turf Professional’s Guide to Suspected Imprelis Herbicide Injury in the Landscape

Purdue Publication on Imprelis Herbicide

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Purdue News Service: Avoid use of herbicide Imprelis, Purdue experts advise

A Homeowner’s Guide to Suspected Imprelis® Herbicide Injury in the Landscape


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Office of the Indiana State Chemist
OISC Website

Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
PPDL Website

For additional information on herbicide injury to plants see Diagnosing Herbicide Injury on Garden and Landscape Plants, ID-184-W.

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IPLLA News Online


To:  All IPLLA Members

From:  Bob Andrews, Executive Director

Subjects:     Imprelis Update                

IPLLA News Update – July 26, 2011

Attached at left are two documents which you will be seeing more of in the coming days. The first is a statement issued by the Office of Indiana State Chemist entitled “Imprelis Herbicide Damage to Landscape Trees and Ornamentals”.  The second is a publication from Purdue University Extension entitled “A Turf Professional’s Guide to Suspected Imprelis Herbicide Injury in the Landscape”.  Both of these are well written and I appreciate the specific efforts of Mr. Dave Scott of OISC and Dr. Aaron Patton of Purdue in making them available to IPLLA Members.  I would encourage you to make them available to any of your customers who may have suspected Imprelis damage to trees or ornamentals.  Both documents are self explanatory and we’ll not use this issue of IPLLA News to further try and explain what they already say.


I do want to encourage those members who may be experiencing customer calls regarding Imprelis damage to do several things that will help the process move forward.

If you used Imprelis this spring, and do suspect damage to a customer’s trees or ornamentals then you should establish a claim with DuPont.  This can be done by calling 1-866-796-4783 and speaking directly with a Customer Service Representative.  They then should assign your firm a reference number.


The Office of Indiana State Chemist is asking that you NOT report every instance of suspected Imprelis injury to their office.  The OISC is instead asking that you file a complaint with them only in those instances where (1) you have examined the site and ruled out other possible causes of the observed injury, and (2) it appears the suspected injury may result in the death of the plant(s), and (3) the injured plant(s) are not already dead, and (4) your customer has been made aware that the OISC will visit their property in order to take photographs and obtain samples related to their complaint.


At present, virtually every expert involved in this matter is recommending four courses of action for potentially affected trees.


1.      Do not remove them for a full year.

2.      Do not trim back affected limbs or branches

3.      Do not stimulate growth by use of fertilizer for one year

4.      Encourage the customer to slowly water the base of each affected tree for 30 to 40 minutes each week.


It is safe for me to say that the Imprelis issue will be with us for a long time to come and IPLLA will be there to help keep you informed and current on this ever changing and very unfortunate event.



Bob Andrews

Executive Director

Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association  

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