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Welcome to Spring, I guess.

04 Apr 2011 8:00 AM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)


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  April 2011

Welcome to Spring, I guess...
Bob Andrews IPLLA Executive Director

Welcome to spring, I guess. The next few weeks should warm up a bit and allow us to go about our business. I have a few unrelated items to share with you this month, so please don’t look for a theme.

From all we can tell, anti-phosphate legislation is dead in this session of the Indiana General Assembly. Our legislative relations efforts certainly paid off. Also, the five-week walkout of the Democratic caucus put so many pieces of legislation on hold that hopefully our elected representatives will stick to the important stuff in the remaining month of this session.

No matter what your party affiliation, the recent shutdown of the General Assembly was inappropriate behavior. Spending a month in Illinois is not why they were elected. All of us have the right to see them on the job and working to represent the total community’s welfare. This was not the case and once again reinforces why we citizens have such a poor level of respect for politicians in general.

The full extent of drought damage is now making itself apparent as the landscape begins to green up. There should be a good deal of business for IPLLA members. Property owners are going to need help, and I see a large number of new customers entering the market simply because they really don’t have the tools or knowledge to deal with what is indeed dead grass. This is a great opportunity for you if you are prepared to address customer needs in a timely manner.

If you have not done so already, please take time to sit down with your suppliers and plan your 2011 needs for fertilizers, seed, and chemicals. Given the increase in business and what already is turning into a shortened spring, many suppliers are facing back orders and shipping issues. Don’t find yourself at the end of the line when you really need product or equipment.

One of our trucks has already been stopped by a state chemist field investigator, which reminds us that they are out there and working to enforce state law. Be sure your employees are properly licensed if they are required to be. Have appropriate labels and written instructions onboard the vehicle, and make sure applicators are outfitted with required personal protective equipment. Doing our jobs right is our responsibility as IPLLA members.

2011 membership certificates have now been mailed. If you have not received yours, please contact me by email at admin@iplla.com or call the office at (317) 575-9010 so I can get a replacement certificate to you at once. Display your certificate in a prominent location in your office.

Thank you again for your support of your trade association, and don’t forget to visit our new website at IPLLA.com.

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