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Legislative Update #2 - January 16, 2016

16 Jan 2016 8:00 AM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)

IPLLA/IICC  Member Legislative Update  - January 16, 2016

This was the second full week of the legislative session and a few hundred more bills were made public.

One bill of some concern is sponsored by Sen. Mike Delph which would enable the Indiana Attorney General to strip a company of its business license for hiring illegal immigrants.  This bill has not yet been scheduled for a hearing and the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce has publicly expressed major opposition to the proposal.

The Governor’s Office and both sections of the legislature have made clear the need for increased funding for infrastructure improvements and replacements.  The Governor wishes to boost such funding from using state reserves and bond issuances while the House of Representatives Bill HB1001 would provide such funding primarily from increased fuel and cigarette taxes.

As you can imagine, gun rights are always a front burner matter and this session is no exception.  A number of guns rights bills have been filed in Indiana but none have yet to see action in their respective committees.  Education matters also will see a good deal of debate as the state looks at reforms in ISTEP testing and ways to address teacher shortages in Indiana.

There are a number of hot topic issues but none of more public interest than on that of civil rights legislation regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.  No matter your views, this matter will command a good deal of attention in this short session of the General Assembly

The Statehouse will be closed on January 18th in observance of the Martin Luther King Holiday.  Our next report will be on January 23 at which time we will take a look at Office of Indiana State Chemist 2016 Compliance Priorities for Lawn and Landscape Operators.

Bob Andrews
Executive Director

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