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Unemployment Eligibility in Indiana

05 Dec 2012 12:57 PM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)
Unemployment Eligibility in Indiana
December 5, 2012
Unemployment Eligibility in Indiana

We have received member inquiries regarding who is and who is not eligible for unemployment compensation during the normal downtime of the lawn and landscape season.  These questions have arisen as a result of actions taken by the Indiana General Assembly in 2011 that do have some impact on contracted employees or those who are on-call, or those who are taking paid vacation during a normal lay-off period.

For your information, I am enclosing a copy of this Alert forwarded to us by the Green Industry Alliance.  Their ability to promptly respond to such questions is one of the real benefits of being a member of the Indiana Professional Lawn and Landscape Association.

The alert, and new guidelines, are linked below.

It is my opinion that the new regulations will not affect lawn and landscape companies unless they are, in some manner, compensating their employees during a layoff period or paying them to be on call during a layoff period.  Determining how, or even if, these changes impact your individual operation is something that should be discussed with your accountant.

Caryl Auslander of the Corydon Group, our government affairs representative, will be on hand at the December 19th Winter Workshop to give us an update on the upcoming legislative session.  I have asked her to include this topic in her briefing.

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Workshop.


View Unemployment Eligibility ALERT here

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