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My First Summer Field Day Experience

20 Aug 2012 10:10 PM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)
My  First IPLLA Summer Field Day Experience

It was the summer of 1994, and I had just graduated from college and was entering the lawn care business. During this time, I had been researching my options for equipment and chemicals and working on my lawn care program. I had just joined the Indiana State Lawn Care Association--now called IPLLA. I received a brochure through the Association about an upcoming summer field day that August, and I thought it could be a great opportunity to make the most out of my membership and learn something. Boy, was I ever right!

During my first summer field day, I developed a relationship with an insurance provider and saved over half on my business owner’s insurance, located sources of equipment, found a reliable chemical supplier, and developed what has turned out to be long-term relationship with my sales representative. I didn’t realize at the time how beneficial that field day event really was, but looking back on it, I appreciate how much my membership had paid off for me--I didn’t know how much I didn’t know!

Being an active member of IPLLA has helped our company grow professionally. The numerous educational events held throughout the year have been invaluable, and I rarely miss one. In addition to earning CCHs at the events, I am able to speak to other business owners who face the same challenges I do, and I always learn something. I’m sure I learn as much from the classroom sessions as I do from talking to others, whether the conversation takes place in the hallway, over lunch, or at an exhibit booth. Joining IPLLA 18 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

This Thursday is our 26th Annual IPLLA Summer Field Day and I hope you will join us! See you there!

Steve Mattingly                          
Mattingly Lawn Care, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN

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