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Time to Save Both our Landscapes and our Landscape Jobs

17 Aug 2012 8:00 AM | IPLLA Admin (Administrator)
Time to Save Both our Landscapes and our Landscape Jobs
Letter Submitted to the Editor of the Indianapolis Star

to the
August 16, 2012
Time to Save Both our Landscapes and our Landscape Jobs

Kristine Guerra’s article “Don’t Be Fooled: Drought isn’t Over” really was one of the first things I have read that called attention to one of the real problems associated with the Marion County Watering Ban.

The landscape around our homes and businesses is valuable.  It has suffered significant damage from heat stress and lack of water.  It is not going to magically recover without proper care, and soon.  In order to do so, the landscape will need some water, and without water, the landscape industry cannot go back to work.

Two of our association members, Berger Hargis and All Green were both quoted in the Star article as to how much lost revenue the watering ban has cost their respective businesses.  That translates into lost income for their companies and lost or reduced work for literally thousands of workers employed in the lawn and landscape industry.  This is more than about aesthetics; it is about people and their jobs.  The loss of those jobs hurts everyone involved, including the City of Indianapolis.

When this is all over, there will be time to thoroughly investigate all the reasons why Citizens Water needed a “watering ban” rather than “watering restrictions”.  But now, we need time to go to work.  There is a very short window between September and December and the landscape will need every day of it to recover.  So will the landscape industry.

Mayor Ballard.  Please lift the ban.

Bob Andrews
Executive Director
Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association

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